Oh hey, I'm Cat.

I design products, travel and ♥ S'mores.

A bit more about me

My name is Cat Noone and I’m a designer with a love for creating meaningful products that are simple and easy to use. I'm the Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Liberio.

I'm also co-maker of Coo, MakerHunt, Designer Relationships, The Gentle Hound, and official proofer and bufferer of Typoguide. I build a lot of things with my significant other and partner in crime, Benedikt Lehnert. I’m a huge advocate for side projects and love working on them in my spare time.

You can find me on Twitter chatting about design, tech and other randomness. I also enjoy writing and occasionally showcase some of the goodies I’ve been designing on Dribbble.

If you'd like to talk design, want me to speak at your event (See a few I spoke at already), or want to grab a coffee, feel free to reach out.